by William Doan

Lincoln Academy Spring Festival 2019 was a BLAST!

If you were not at Lincoln Academy on Saturday May 18th, you just missed one of the biggest events celebrated on campus in the beautiful spring season. The first ever Spring Festival 2019 was a blast with the participation of over 200 people from the community. People coming to Spring Festival this year had enjoyed many different exciting events from 9am to 2pm in a perfect weather. It was a lovely sunny day when all the tulips in the courtyard bloom and shows their beauty. Getting away from the school traditional color black and white, at Spring Fest, the campus was colorfully decorated with balloons and flowers which got the attention of the local community. Lincoln Academy on Saturday truly became a place where friends become family.

Spring Festival begins at 9am with a Frisbee and Tennis tournament happening on the turf and tennis courts. Both tournament will be free and open for all ages and genders to sign up. I was really impressed with the number of people of different ages showing up and having a lot of fun in the tournaments. Frisbee Tournament was where I saw some very shy young teenagers in the beginning started throwing and running for the frisbee confidently after only a few minutes thanks to the amazing encouragement from the adults. Also in the tournament, I saw students, parents, teachers and people from the community came closer to each other and break the barrier. Similar to Frisbee, the tennis tournament was also a success. The Lincoln Academy girl defending state champion tennis team contributed a great energy and competition to the tournament. Besides a lot of experienced tennis players, in the tournament this year, we also have very young players from elementary to middle school. This was a great chance for them to meet a lot of new people and also learned some skills from more experienced players. Everyone battled the wind and competed with high sportsmanship. But more importantly, they all had a great time playing tennis with each other. Jorge Pulido was the champion and Sandra Thelander was the runner-up. In the upper field, a free Mickey Mouse bounce house was available for children to spend time enjoying a memorable festival.

At 11, all the attention was put in the courtyard outside the dining common where the food party and open mic are. There were two amazing food vendors at the festival this year. The The sweet BBQ Georgia made really yummy pull pork sandwiches while the VIP Maine Mobile Pizzeria had awesome pepperoni and cheese pizzas hot fresh from the oven. I heard a lot of good feedback about both of the vendors. Their sandwiches and pizzas really rocked. Round Top Ice Cream with no doubt also had a very busy day. There were total of five flavors for everyone to choose: vanilla, chocolate, cookie dough, black raspberry, and oreo. Also in the courtyard, students’ artwork and ceramics were also displayed and sold in a silent auction. Coming to Spring Festival this year, people had an amazing time listening to live music while enjoying their lunches. At 11:30, Lauren Crosby, an ESOL English teacher at Lincoln Academy, stole the stage with the brilliant live performance of her new album. This was the first time she had a chance to perform for the local community. The audience was really impressed by her talents and the music she composed. Her CDs and gears were also sold pretty well in the festival.

At 12:30, the attention was turned from the courtyard to the upper field where the Pet Show took place. This was also one of the most exciting events of the whole festival. I was completely surprised when I first walked up to the field. There was a huge crowd already having their seats and waiting for the Pet Show. I can hear people chatting with each other and talking about the pets before the competition. The three judges this year are all teachers and faculty at Lincoln Academy: Ms. Curtis, Ms. Blodgett and Mr. Janik. In the Pet Show this year, there are total of 17 pets (dogs, cats and a bunny) competing in 6 different categories: best hair, best walk, best trick, best name, best eyes and the most popular pet voted by the audience. Everyone at the pet show went crazy whenever a pet was called out. I was impressed the most by the tricks that lots of them do. One of the participant brought the whole obstacle course to the show which also allows other pets to use them for their performances. In the end, after a long discussion, the judges finally announced the final results. Every pet competing in the show won medals in each categories.

The overall winner who received the trophies came to Emmie. Emmie is a brilliant dog which can lots of tricks and understand the owner really really well. More impressively, Emmie had a fantastic performance in the obstacle course where he fastly moved through several hurdles, went inside the tunnel and finished strong after going through the see saw. I was really amazed by the Pet Show and watched the audience’s reaction before, during and after the competition. But the moment that made my day was the after show handshakes with the Mobius group. Some of them signed up to compete in the Pet Show this year. The others came to support and cheer for everyone. I am really happy to see how they laughed, talk with each other and most important enjoy the time at Lincoln Academy spring festival. They all lined up, came to shake my hands and repeatedly said thank you for organizing an event that they love that much. It was a clear sign for the beginning of success of the festival. It is also the goal I want to achieve when I organized this event: “Spring Festival is where friends become family.”

Spring Festival 2019 is one of the most memorable events that I’ve been to at Lincoln Academy. The success of the first ever Spring Festival is a good sign for the improvement and potential of the event in the upcoming years. Thanks to the festival, I want to leave behind a program where the local community of this small town will have an unforgettable annual celebration when spring comes and bring the State’s attention to Lincoln Academy.

William Doan is a senior at Lincoln Academy and the founder of Spring Festival.