Wenxin Liang (left) and Wendy Qin (right) performing “The Butterfly Lovers” at a Lincoln Academy assembly.

On Saturday, May 25 at 7 p.m, Lincoln Academy seniors Deha Ay, Wenxin Liang, and Wendy Qin will be holding a concert at St. Patrick’s Church called Melodies of Eurasia. All three are international students in Lincoln Academy’s residential program, and all will perform music from their home countries.

Deha Ay performing at the Lincoln Home.

Deha Ay performing at the Lincoln Home.

Deha, who is from Turkey, will share melodies from his home country on the piano, an instrument that he has played since the age of seven. Deha will also be accompanied by local violinist Carol Preston on one piece.

Wendy and Wenxin are both from China, and may be familiar to anyone who saw the LA 2019 One-Act play The Snow Maiden in early spring. The two musicians composed and played live music on stage for that award-winning production, and received special awards at both the regional and state competitions for their music.

Wendy has been playing the dizi (Chinese flute) since she was nine, and Wenxin has brought her twelve-year-old instrument, guzheng (Chinese harp), to Lincoln Academy. The students appreciate their years spent in Maine and initiated this concert to share their cultural backgrounds in return. As a cultural exchange to the community, they will perform traditional musical pieces that have great influences upon the Eurasian continent and beyond.

The concert will be free of admission, but there will be an opportunity to donate at the door; all donations will support education for Cambodian girls through the Cambodian Scholarship Foundation.