Lincoln Academy Academic Technology Coordinator and computer science teacher Stephanie Cheney (left) introduced Intel software engineer and graduate Jason Sewall (right) to LA students on April 25. Sewall gave a presentation to students who are interested in a career in computer technology.

Lincoln Academy students interested in a career in computer science had their job shadow experience come to them on April 25. Jason Sewall, who graduated from LA in 2000, currently works remotely for Intel as a Senior Application Engineer from his home in Pemaquid. Because there was so much interest in completing a job shadow in computer engineering, and because Sewall works from home and not an office, LA Academic Technology Coordinator Stephanie Cheney invited Sewall to speak to students on campus.

After graduating from LA Sewall went to the University of Maine to study computer science and math, then earned his PhD in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before going to work for Intel.

He spoke to students in the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principals class and other students interested in pursuing a career in technology about the day to day routine of working from home in a high-tech field, his educational background and career path from LA to Intel.

“Jason emphasized the value of making connections with faculty and mentors at school and at work” said Cheney. “He said that companies are looking to hire people who are problem solvers, and who are curious and willing to try new things. He said that Google can teach anyone how to code, but it can’t teach you motivation, curiosity, and problem-solving skills. That made a particular impact on students.”

Lincoln Academy students are required to complete at least one job shadow before they graduate.