LA students experience forces firsthand on their “Funtown STEM” physics field trip.​

LA physics teachers Libby Mooney and Steve Cheff took 59 physics students to Funtown USA on Friday, May 17. The theme park in Saco, Maine has built a partnership with the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, to create “Funtown STEM,” a program for middle and high school physics students. The park website describes the program as “designed by the educators who teach this subject everyday, Funtown STEM provides experiential education in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.”

For two days in May the park is closed to the public, and Funtown welcomes thousands of students from around the state to see physics in action. The Lincoln group consisted of students from all four levels of physics taught at the school (Advanced Placement, honors, college prep, and Introduction) plus calculus students. “The students had a chance to experience many of the physics concepts they had learned throughout the year,” said LA science teacher Steve Cheff. “Each ride has a packet designed by the Maine Math and Science Alliance and the University of Maine Physics department.”

More photos of the Funtown field trip are at this link.