LA’s Residential Life Program started a new tradition this year of “wing dinners” where each dormitory wing hosts a special dinner for the whole program.  Students and dorm families took a lead role in menu planning, decorating, cooking and serving these meals which showcased students’ favorite foods from around the globe.  The final special dinner of the year was on Sunday, this time hosted by LA’s culinary team called the Manners Matter Dinner.

Jessica Uviovo, Class of ‘19 from Nigeria said, “It was a very nice dinner.  It was interesting to sit with people who I don’t usually talk to much and get to know them.  The food was really good and I learned that it is proper to scoop your soup spoon away from your body.”

The Manners Matter Dinner was the idea of Chef Mikael Andersson.  Andersson, a native of Sweden, wants all of our students to have a solid introduction to culinary traditions and norms here in the US.  After students were seated, Andersson welcomed everyone and went over the special menu and table settings. He told students, “This meal is not only fun, but I hope you’ll leave here better prepared to have a special meal with an employer or at a formal event.”   

Mike Nguyen Class of ‘20 from Vienam said, “ I really liked the food and what I learned about etiquette.  For example, in the U.S. it is not polite to put your hands or elbows on the table.”

Before the dinner, students were given instruction on appropriate formal attire and dining customs.  Steve Peters acted as Maitre D and other staff pitched in to prepare, serve and clean-up from the 3-course formal dinner.  The meal sparked conversations about dining customs and foods from around the world and was enjoyed by students and staff alike.