It’s been chilly and rainy this past week in Maine, but we’re getting glimpses of beautiful sunshine this weekend.  Everyone is looking forward to more warm days and outdoor activities ahead!

Progress Reports for the mid-trimester 3 grades have been sent out to families via email.  These mid-trimester grades, while current, are not the grades that will be on a final transcript. Instead, this set of grades is a view halfway through the trimester, so students have time to make improvements.  Please be in touch with your student about their grades and progress here at Lincoln Academy.

A Special Dinner was prepared and served by the Green Wing this past week featuring dishes from across the globe including a New England clam chowder, seaweed soup, fried rice, beef tacos, and potato salad.  It was fun to have students cooking and serving together!

Graduation:  Graduation will take place June 6th.  Click here for a full list of Graduation Events including performances and celebrations.  Please join us in honoring the class of 2019 and their teachers with a gift to LA’s Annual Fund:

Travel:  Approved Travel Dates can be viewed at the following links:

Travel Dates for the Current 2018/2019 School Year

Travel Dates for the 2019/2020 School Year

End of Year:  Please  be aware that dorms will close for the school year on June 13th and all students must be moved out of the dorms and off campus no later than 5pm to allow our team to prepare for summer programs.