“Mr. Lincoln Academy” Phil Page awards the 2018-19 Faculty Shield to the senior class officers from the Class of 2019: (from left) May Halm, Madeline York, and Wenxin Liang.

The traditional competition between classes at Lincoln Academy nearly ended in an upset, when the Class of 2019 narrowly defeated the Class of 2022 in the final event of the year. This event was the Faculty Shield Final Exam, where students faced off to answer more than 100 questions from the 2019 school year. “Vlade Sherrill knew every quote of the week form the entire year,” said senior Alison York, who participated in the Final Exam along with Sherrill. “Otherwise I think the freshmen would have beaten us.”

Classes accrue Faculty Shield points at Homecoming, Winter Carnival, wearing black and white and answering trivia questions on Fridays, and other contests throughout the year. The Faculty Shield exam was instituted in 2018 by Mr. Page to encourage students to reflect on the events of the recent school year.

In the end, the Class of 2019 triumphed, following in a great tradition of LA graduating classes earning Faculty Shield victory immediately before graduation.

Ninth graders upsetting seniors would have been a rare but not unprecedented result in the Faculty Shield competition. The most recent class to do so was the Class of 2002 who won the competition in 1999.