2019 LA graduate Leon Wang painted a mural in the Hall House stairway just before he graduated. The painting shows a dragon and a tiger squaring off, ready to do battle.

“My Advanced Art and AP seniors get a chance at the end of the year to do the ‘Leave Your Mark’ assignment,” said LA visual arts teacher Nina Sylvia. “They can either do a permanent piece of art in the loft space or somewhere around campus.” Leon chose the staircase in Hall House for his creation.

“Leon was an exceptional art student,” continued Ms. Sylvia. “He was dedicated to the point of neglecting sleep and nourishment at times! He was always honing his craft, watching videos on how to improve his work, creating constantly, and extremely sensitive to having his voice and vision represented as truly as possible. Having taken art lessons since he was a young boy, he came to Lincoln with a solid skill set and through hard work and the willingness to try new things broadened his portfolio and audience. He will be a legend in the art community here at Lincoln for many years to come.”

Wang wrote the following artist statement about his piece:

Leon Wang ’19 Artist Statement

“He who desires but act not, breeds pestilence.” So it is written. This quote by William Blake is my inspiration, for it grants me a spirit– a spirit of persistence.

Obstacles are inevitable on my way of artistic mastery. Countless times I thought of giving in, changing my path. Yet, this quote, like a gift from my sweetest Muses, will always linger in my dream, echo in my mind, even fuse in my vein, guiding me through tribulations after tribulations.

All won’t happen if I did not receive the advanced education in Lincoln Academy and the help of this society. As a senior, it is time for me to say goodbye. However, I wish to leave something behind, expressing my utmost gratitude for everything that the school and the community had offered me. A mural- a meaningful one- I must do, I thought.

Leon Wang '19 and his Hall House painting

Leon Wang ’19 and his Hall House painting

The mural depicted the rivalry between dragon and tiger. Facing a dragon, a tiger is no match, and defeat is a must. Yet, even destiny is written, the tiger will not fall without a storm–climbing up the rocky mountain, challenging the mighty dragon. This is the message I wish to share with all the dream pursuers like me. Even when great obstacles are in the way, which the dragon represents, one ought to be the tiger, fearing none, fighting for the bright future that one desires.

If not so, one may regret and will “breed pestilence.”