LA library team members Ben McManus, Anna Drake, Natashah Corlis-Brannan, and Isaac Russell with Whitefield Library representative Sue McKeen.

The Lincoln Academy Library Team held a bake sale to raise funds for the newly developing Whitefield Library during the final week of school. Junior Ben McManus saw an article about the town’s efforts to raise funds to purchase the Arlington Grange building, and initiated a fundraiser to help out. “This effort was completely student driven – I couldn’t be prouder of these kids!” said LA librarian Cathi Howell. The bake sale raised $162.

Sue McKeen, from the Whitefield Library, met with the LA library team on Tuesday, June 11. After speaking with students and accepting their donation she wrote in an email, “I want to thank you and your wonderful Library Team for the thoughtful and civic-minded donation to the Whitefield Library and Community Center.  I was really impressed with these kids.”