Jeff Burroughs is Lincoln Academy’s 44th Head of School.

Welcome back, Lincoln Academy students, faculty, and parents!

It is hard to believe the new school year starts this week. This summer I have had a great deal of time to work within the walls of LA, meet people, plan programs, and get myself used to the role of being a Head of School.

As all of you can certainly imagine, I am excited and nervous, hopeful and anxious about the days and weeks to come. But most of all I feel a sense of pride to be the one tasked with leading Lincoln Academy and its outstanding faculty, staff, and students.

When doors open on Thursday, you will see changes to the campus, including a renovated front office space, new signage, and many repairs and upgrades to our facilities. There are also changes in roles, most notably, Kelley Duffy is now serving as our new Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

There will be many opportunities over the coming weeks for parents, alumni, neighbors, and friends to learn about what we are doing here on campus, including at our Family Open House on September 4, Homecoming on September 27-28, and other gatherings throughout the school year.

This is a new beginning for me, for our ninth graders and new students, and it is also a new beginning for our community. As we get to know each other and begin to see the potential in our actions in the classroom, stage, sports field or the community at large, we will build new relationships and take steps toward realizing the mission of Lincoln Academy in each one of us.

I hope that you come into this year with fresh eyes no matter how long you have been here, and lend your perspective to see what is truly great about our LA community. I am excited that you will all be part of what are certain to be exciting and worthwhile days ahead.

Jeffrey S. Burroughs