October 9, 2019

Dear Parents,

As we come to the middle of the first trimester, we wanted to update you on some changes to our academic eligibility policy at Progress Report time. On October 15, teachers will be updating grades for Progress Reports, and these grades will be available for parents to view in PowerSchool. Parents will receive a text letting them know when grades are posted.

By the middle of the trimester, students have had an opportunity to get settled in classes, they have enough grades to get a sense of where they stand, and, there is still plenty of time to improve. This is an important time of the year to have a discussion with your student about their academic progress. If you or your child is uncertain how to improve a grade, this is a perfect time to contact teachers and discuss what recommendations they may have. Parent Teacher conferences are happening through October 24th, so please use  this link on the LA webpage to sign up for individual conferences if you would like to discuss your child’s progress.

This year, in most cases, eligibility to play sports or participate in other extracurriculars will only be determined at the end of each trimester, not after progress reports. This is a new policy at LA.

This change does not reflect a shift in attitude about the importance of progress report grades. Lincoln Academy believes that failing classes is a serious concern and we must make an academic plan for any student–not just athletes or participants in co-curricular activities–who is failing at the middle of the trimester. 

This new policy is intended to use progress reports as a time to share a snapshot of student progress, and, if necessary, a warning when grades are slipping rather than a grade report that impacts eligibility. Coaches, teachers and administrators should work together to help students get on track academically if they are in danger of failing.

If you have questions about Progress Reports or the Eligibility policy, please contact one of us.

Andy Mullin, Associate Head of School
Kelley DuffyDirector of Curriculum and Instruction.