The LA Marching Band with Julia Ribeiro ’15, (center, in purple tie dye) who hand dyed t-shirts for the “Woodstock 50” homecoming theme.

In the 2019 Lincoln Academy Homecoming parade, band members sported tie dye shirts made by one of their own.  Julia Ribeiro, who graduated from LA in 2015, now owns and operates Little River Tie-Dye in Nobleboro, and dyed each of the more than 60 shirts by hand.

“As soon as I learned the Homecoming theme was ‘Woodstock 50’ I contacted Julia right away,” said band director Liz Matta. Ribeiro is an alum of the LA Band who played saxophone for Matta through high school. “I asked if she could make 60 shirts with the same design. I felt like I was asking a lot. Her response was, ‘As long as it’s an easier design, then sure!’ Check out Little River Tie-Dye on facebook and instagram. Julia is amazing and I’m proud to know her.”

“The spiral is a time-honored pattern,” said LA English teacher Bryan Manahan. “It’s easy to look at the shirts and think they are the same and could be mass produced. But the LA Band shirts are all unique; each handmade… their uniqueness reflects that of each member of the band. And come on… tie dye is just fun!”

“I thought the shirts were great,” said senior band member Lucas Steinberger, who plays bass in the Wind Ensemble and bass drum in the marching band. “They gave the band a unique and vibrant personality while still being uniform enough to not negatively impact the united, cohesive nature of the ensemble.”

“I loved marching in the tie dye shirts,” said ninth grade saxophone player Liam Card. “It was different from the white and black I’ve seen in recent years, but I feel like everyone enjoyed the switch.

“The Woodstock theme was amazing! I got to bring out my hippie side for a weekend and everyone enjoyed having a good time and celebrating a festival of music and peace.”