Lincoln Academy Life Skills students took a field trip to Hootenanny Bakery in Nobleboro and tried their hand at making pretzels with owner and head baker Derek DeGeer.

The Life Skills Work Prep class at Lincoln Academy visited Hootenanny Bakery in Damariscotta Mills to explore jobs at a bakery. The students donned their aprons and learned how to make pretzels. Half of the group learned about the ingredients, following the recipe to measure out the different components, assembling the dry before the wet. They learned to read a scale and be accurate. After which they watched the big machine stir it all up into the dough. The other group got to toss pieces of dough (after it had been divided up) into the big machine that makes long shapes which they folded and turned into the pretzel shape. Then they swapped places. A big shout out to Derek DeGeer, owner of Hootenanny Bakery, for making our time there so exciting.