Students who represented Lincoln Academy at the November Model United Nations Conference at the University of Connecticut.

In November. Lincoln Academy students attended a three-day Model United Nations Conference at the University of Connecticut.

At Model United Nations conferences, students typically role play as delegates to the United Nations and simulate actual UN committee work. Student delegates are assigned countries to represent, and their job is to advocate and pass resolutions favorable to these countries.

Countries represented by LA students this year included Belgium, Switzerland, Bolivia, India, France, Croatia, South Africa, Japan and Armenia. Discussion topics included the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ), Migrant Problems, the Opioid Crisis, International Law Commission (ILC), Territories & Detention camps, and the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), which included Marine Litter and Management of Hazardous Electrical Waste.

“All 11 students had an educational and informative experience, said Andrea Keushguerian, Lincoln Academy’s Model UN adviser. “I am very proud of all the work they did, and how they interacted with 500 other students from all over the country, and how well they represented Lincoln Academy.”

“There is nothing better than putting yourself out there and discussing important issues with other young people,” said senior Aidan McCullen. “It was heartening to see how much others care about the future of international relations and world affairs in general.”

“Overall I thought that the University of Connecticut Model UN conference was a great learning opportunity,” said sophomore Will Sherrill. “Its relaxed atmosphere allowed delegates to ask plenty of questions about the topics and parliamentary procedure. The conference helped me to prepare for the rest of this year’s MUN trips.”

Senior Grace Canny said, “It was very cool to be at a school as well-known as UConn. Even though the conference was geared toward beginners, I still felt like I learned a lot of the formalities of MUN and truly saw what makes ‘Best Delegate.’”

The LA Model UN delegates will travel to New York City’s Columbia University for their next conference in January, 2020.