The Lincoln Academy Government and Politics Class with their teacher, Nate Smith, and Representative Chloe Maxmin. 

In early December, students in Lincoln Academy’s United States Government and Politics class had the opportunity to meet with Representative Chloe Maxmin (D) of Nobleboro, to learn about the legislative process in Maine.

District 88 Representative Chloe Maxmin ’10

Maxmin is a 2010 graduate of Lincoln Academy who went on to Harvard College before returning to Maine and winning the Maine House District 88 seat (which includes Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson & part of Nobleboro) in 2018. She spoke with Government and Politics students about her work in the Maine legislature, and took questions from students on topics ranging from issues that will be covered in the upcoming legislative session and the nuts and bolts of Maine’s political process, to why she chose to pursue elected office.

“It was really great hearing about the things she’s done,” said Aubree Cookson, a senior in the class. “She was a student here but then went to Harvard, and she started the Climate Action club right here, and now she’s back here in the legislature. I really liked hearing about all the bills they work on in Augusta.”

According to LA Social Studies teacher Nate Smith, “The conversation was informative and inspiring, and we look forward to hosting Rep. Maxim at LA again.”