Welcome back from Thanksgiving Vacation!  A few residential students traveled to visit family and friends over the school vacation, but most remained on campus, enjoyed a break from classes, volunteered with charitable organizations, watched movies, played games, and took part in a Thanksgiving celebration at beautiful Camp Wavus on Damariscotta Lake.  All of the students who were on campus for Thanksgiving day joined a local family for a traditional celebration in their home, meeting new friends, cooking together, and gathering for a special holiday meal.

The December, February, and April Vacations are ahead, and we ask all families to complete travel plans in BoardingWare as soon as possible.  Time is running out to sign-up for February Break Camp at Wavus.  More info here:   Lincoln Academy Vacation Programs

As we reflected on the unique American holiay of Thanksgiving, some students shared things they are thankful for this school year:

“I am thankful to be a senior.”  – Amirzhan “Amir” Mukhametkarim, Grade 12, Kazakhstan

“I am thankful to Mr. St. Cyr for coaching wrestling this year.” -Filip Nguyen, Grade 11, Vietnam

“I am thankful for Missy’s [dorm parent] cookies.”  -Aigerim Raimbek, Grade 12, Kazakhstan

“I am thankful for my family and friends.”  – Katia Guerrero, Grade 11, Mexico

“I am thankful to be in Maine, to be at Lincoln Academy this year.  I am also thankful to Mr. O’Mahoney for teaching me AP US History.”  -Rayna Reckley, Grade 11, Bahamas

‘I am thankful to the kitchen for being so responsive to student requests.”  -Filip Nguyen, Grade 11, Vietnam

‘I am thankful for my [improving] grades.”   -Alexandr Bedarev, Grade 10, Kazakhstan

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this school and to be in Maine.”  -Michal Maciejewicz, Grade 9, Poland

The Residential Life Program is thankful to be a part of all of these students’ high school experience – it is truly a pleasure to work with this group of hard-working, passionate, and community-minded students.