Message from the Head of School

In the tradition of setting resolutions, we are starting this New Year at LA with new purpose. I’d like to share a bit about the work we did as a school community last week. As you know, we started the week with a late start for students. This allowed our faculty and staff to gather and review the first half of the school year. We took some time to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding accomplishments on the athletic fields, in the classrooms, and in the community.

As is true in secondary schools all across the country, in addition to outstanding accomplishments this fall we also witnessed examples of behavior inconsistent with our LA values. In our meeting, I asked the faculty to accept that our work with teenagers includes acknowledging both the good and the bad. I also asked them to engage in some work with me to move the school community towards expecting a higher standard for our community.

I led the faculty and staff through a set of exercises designed to elicit their connections within the school and identify ways to improve our culture and climate. With help from the management and advisor teams, we brought the students through the same set of exercises on Thursday. The result was a wonderful collaboration, providing excellent data to help us improve our culture and climate. On Thursday I had a chance to meet with LAPA, and share this work with LA parents.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will engage students, faculty, staff and our management team to work on improvements to our community with the goal of creating the most inclusive, supportive and engaging learning environment possible.

  • I’ll close with the three ideas that emerged as essential in moving forward with this work.
    Clarity vs. Transparency: at LA we will seek to provide clarity in situations by providing as much information as we can, while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all involved.
    Don’t get caught observing, participate: To move our community forward I want every individual at LA to participate as much as possible. I am asking everyone to get involved; don’t be a bystander.
    Ask questions, seek understanding: I am eager and willing to have conversations about our school and my leadership. Please ask questions and commit to seeking understanding, even when topics are difficult and people disagree.

I deeply appreciate the community that we have made here at Lincoln, and am truly excited for the work ahead.

–Jeff Burroughs