LA sophomores Corbin Drake, Nate True, and Payson Kaler during the LA Preview Cafe, which highlights the library’s new books.

Lincoln Academy’s Preview Cafe is a 10-day long celebration of books and community at the LA Library. Every student in the school visits the Cafe with their English class and has an opportunity to peruse new books. The books are a diverse array of titles, from popular fiction, to current events, to graphic novels, to literary fiction by global authors. While previewing books, students and faculty share hot chocolate and cookies made by LA’s chef Mikael Andersson.

“The Preview Cafe has been a highlight for me in my first year as the Director of Library Services at LA,” said Laura Phelps, who took over the LA library position this year. “I love having the opportunity to visit with each and every student to talk books. I’m impressed with students’ passion for and interest in so many different subjects and books – from dystopia to World War II history to science! We have a very curious and thoughtful student body, and the Preview Cafe certainly highlights their diverse interests, and great enthusiasm for books.”

English teacher John Cannon brought his classes to the Preview Cafe this week, and said, “It’s great because students don’t generally get much time to browse for books without having to make a commitment to one. This gives them a chance to just explore.”

Sophomore Gabriela Hagar visited the library with her English class. “The Preview Cafe this year is awesome because the book genres are so varied and there are so many titles to choose from!”

The LA Library offers an array of books and online resources for research, class assignments, and pleasure reading. Any LA student or staff member can check books out throughout the school year. New book titles are selected by Ms. Phelps and her assistant, Adria Tucker with input from the student Library Team, who help the librarians select books that engage their peers. According to Phelps, “Stephen King’s The Institute is in great demand this year.”