Jarrett Gulden (left) and Lucas Steinberger (right), participated in the 2020 Maine All State Jazz Festival on January 2-4 in Bangor.

Congratulations to Jarrett Gulden and Lucas Steinberger, who participated in the recent Maine All-State Jazz festival. The festival was held at Bangor High School, beginning on Thursday, January 2. The festival ended on Saturday, January 4 with a concert that featured both boys soloing using improvisation. “It is extremely difficult to ‘make it’ into this festival,” said Liz Matta, LA band director.

Students audition using assigned and prepared music for a panel of judges in mid-October. Those students with the highest scores are invited to participate in this festival. Lucas took the second highest score in the state for String Bass and Jarrett took the highest score in the state for Baritone Saxophone. The 2020 Honor’s Jazz Band was conducted by Dr. Stephen Guerra, Jr. of the University of Miami.

“The festival takes only five bass players and two baritone saxophone players,” Matta continues. “There is no coincidence that these boys were also accepted into the Maine All-State Band, Orchestra and Chorus festival in May. Like many of LA’s student musicians, Lucas and Jarrett work very hard to hone this musical craft. Jazz and Classical are such different realms, despite both being music. I am very proud of both of them.”