Resident Life Update – January 25, 2020

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This past week included several celebrations: Martin Luther King Day where students took part in service projects; a celebratory pizza feast for all of our Pumpkinfest Volunteers; a special dinner for Green Wing students who succeeded in having the cleanest dorm rooms last trimester; and dumplings, cultural activities and a fireworks display for Lunar New Year.  We hope you enjoy reading more about some of these special events below.  It’s wonderful to have Resident Life students involved with such a diversity of activities together here on campus.

Diaper Bank Volunteers

Students and community members come together to package donations for the community food and diaper banks in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Day of Service:  Celebrations honoring the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. took place at Lincoln Academy and throughout the community over the holiday weekend.  Lincoln Academy hosted community activest and speaker Ben Chin and students and staff took part in service projects for families in need including shoveling snow, assisting the area food pantry and packing supplies for our community diaper bank.

Lunar New Year:  Educator in Residence, Aubie Howard, has worked with students to organize Lunar New Year Celebrations over the past two years and shares:

This Lunar New Year starting on Saturday, January 25th marks the year of the Rat. According to the Chinese zodiac cycle rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life. Lincoln Academy’s residential community celebrated the new year with a traditional dinner, decorations and fireworks inviting the rest of the school community to join the festivities.

On Friday afternoon, some dorm students taught day students how to make dumplings. Dumplings consist of a thin square, or circle dough wrapper with filling placed in the middle and then sealed. Typically they are boiled or steamed. Students made an array of pork, shrimp and vegetarian dumplings for Saturday’s dinner.

Rachel who recently joined the Lincoln Academy’s residential community said she was about to ignore the holiday; “I’m excited to participate and happy that Lincoln Academy is celebrating the holiday.”

Saturday afternoon was filled with decorating the dining commons in red, a symbolic color, representing good fortune. The center-piece was a giant flower covered with small red envelopes inside each envelope held a monetary gift another traditional way to bestow good fortune.

Students who do not traditionally celebrate this holiday still wanted to help out. Sophia and Rena both dorm students said they wanted to be there to support their dorm community and friends. One of the most important aspects of Lunar New Year is to be with your family.

Vy said, “It is fun to celebrate it here, because we are not home and cannot celebrate it with our family. It is nice that we get to do something when we are so far away from home.”

Dinner consisted of three types of dumplings, rice, stir fry, veggies, ribs, aloe drink and some other yummy dishes. Both day and dorm students and faculty came together to celebrate the event. Dinner ended with a beautiful fireworks show in front of the dining commons put on by Mr. Abbot. Another important part of Lunar New Year, fireworks are set off to ward off any evil spirits and scare them away.

“Lincoln Academy makes me feel at home. The staff pay a lot of attention to the small details and make sure they are following traditions and make sure that this event is as close to my culture as they can get,” said Rachel.

Academic Calendar:  Our second trimester will end March 13 and mid-trimester grade reports were sent by email this week.  Please be in touch with your student or our staff if you have any questions about grading or academic progress reports.  The full Academic Calendar  can be viewed by clicking here.

Travel Plans Due:   The dorms will be closed for both February and April Vacations and student travel plans are due no later than January 31.  There is still space for February Vacation Camp – but time is running out to register!   Click here for more details.

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