From the Head of School

We are fully into the swing of school here at LA, and past the midpoint of Trimester 2. Our first 5-day week in a while helped build momentum, and last week was full of energy and excitement. On Friday, members of the Board of Trustees joined us for community meeting. As I started my weekly Friday message, I felt a little more nervous than usual. Certainly, some of that was due to my “bosses” in the audience, but more specifically, I was nervous to meet a challenge that a fellow faculty member had offered after a recent Tuesday “stand-up” meeting (a new weekly tradition for LA staff). Joe Walter, a new science teacher, approached me with a compliment. He said that he appreciated my weekly messages, especially when I spoke directly, without reading a prepared speech. I was flattered.

As I planned my Friday, the role of challenge in education was on my mind. I considered how challenging students to lead fulfilling lives is at the heart of how we define character at Lincoln Academy. I decided to accept Mr. Walter’s challenge and offer the Friday talk without a prepared speech. So, even though the audience included board members, I took the leap, put my notes down, and spoke from the heart.

My talk was imperfect–my public speaking skills leave room for improvement. But I look forward to developing these skills in an environment that both challenges and supports me. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with faculty, staff, and students as each of us takes on challenges of our own on the path to grow in skills and scholarship, serve others, and lead fulfilling lives.

LA is a wonderful school. I am so very excited for the work ahead this winter and spring. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I welcome conversation with parents any time.

–Jeff Burroughs