From the Head of School

I found myself in deep appreciation of the school on Friday afternoon. The week started with a wonderful NHS induction ceremony, where we welcomed 19 new members into one of our traditional student leadership organizations, and finished with a raucous celebration of our incredible XC team’s 4-peat as KVAC champions, complete with the infamous “wall of sound.” Last week’s community meeting was full of messages to and from our community, including discussions of making good, informed choices, trying new things, and measuring accomplishments. Once again it was a positive demonstration of what we hold most dear in our school community.

The message delivered by XC coach Garrett (Boo) Martin emphasized how we value our achievements and those of others. I found encouragement in his words, inspired by legendary cross country runner Steve Prefontaine who said, “what matters most is not where you finish, but how far you came from where you started.”

As I look at the work ahead, I can become overwhelmed by the challenge of leading this wonderful school. It is in these moments that I try to reflect and see how far we have come in these first six months together. I offered to the student body a story about a time when adults in my life honored the potential they saw in me, and how they displayed that by asking me to make a difficult choice between two great opportunities.

As teachers, coaches, and parents, it is essential that we ask students to do just a little more than they think they can do. In that moment of deciding whether or not to accept that challenge, students learn that a caring adult sees something great in them. At the heart of a great school is a connection between a student and at least one caring adult who is committed to challenging and supporting them as through the process of finding their own path.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Jeff Burroughs