LA juniors and welding students Bill Bragdon (left) and Cason Gifford (right) are Students of the Semester at the Bath Regional Career and Technical Center.

Two LA juniors are Students of the Semester at the Bath Regional Career and Technical Center (BRCTC). Cason Gifford and Bill Bragdon are both students in the Welding program. Here is what welding instructor Jamie Carter wrote about eache recipient when presenting the award:

“Cason Gifford is one of several excellent students in the morning welding program. He has a quality about him that is difficult to ignore: he absolutely loves being here. His enthusiasm for practicing his craft is undeniable and his welding quality is very good, especially considering the limited amount of time he has under the hood as a first-year student. It’s rare to have a student who is so committed to learning and practicing the welding trade that they almost never step out of the booth other than to show off his latest accomplishment. Almost every day he’ll exit the booth with something that’s still smoking hot, hollering, “Mr. Carter… look at this!” The twinkle in his eye tells you that he’s extremely proud of his latest best effort and the charred leather gloves tell you that it’s not the first time; nor will it be the last. Cason has the highest GPA in his class and completed his OSHA training in near-record time.”

“Bill Bragdon has turned out to be an excellent addition to the welding program. Bill started the year as a quiet, respectful student who was in new surroundings, having just transferred to a new school. Since that time, Bill has grown to become one of the most talented welders in my shop, (with one more year to go!), but you wouldn’t know it given his humble nature. Bill works in a slow but steady manner to produce work that surprises his teachers on almost a daily basis. He’s exactly what any employer would want in a new-hire: someone who’s always there, producing good quality and quantity, while never taking short-cuts on safety. And, perhaps most importantlyhe always does what he’s assigned to do without complaint. He’s got a near-perfect GPA and has developed into one of the “go-to” students who always comes through when work needs to be done.”