From left: French teacher Alison Welch, Alicia Flis, Connor MacFarland, Erika Matheison, Aubree Cookson, Beatriz Matarazzo, Isaac Russell, and Forrest Holbrook.

Lincoln Academy was honored last week as one of the top fundraising schools for the Pulsera Project, a nonprofit organization that supports fair trade and a living wage for Central American artisans by selling colorful bracelets at schools. The Pulsera Project is a non-governmental organization that promotes fair trade and a living wage for artisans in Central America by distributing and selling handmade bracelets, or pulseras. Lincoln Academy students under the guidance of French teacher Alison Welch have supported the work of the Pulsera Project consistently over the last five years, and recently earned recognition from the organization.

On Friday, January 31, students displayed a hand-painted coffee bag given as a thank you for LA’s support of the Pulsera Project, along with a letter that reads,

“We’re writing to honor the tremendous contributions that your school community has made to The Pulsera Project over the years. On behalf of the countless lives you’ve touched in Nicaragua and Guatemala through your commitment to fair trade, social justice, and global citizenship, we want to thank you for your continued support and incredible generosity.

“Lincoln Academy has now hosted five Pulsera (bracelet) sales – putting you in the top 5% of nearly 3,000 schools that have been involved with the project. Since your first pulsera sale, you guys have raised a total of $6,400. We’ve been so grateful to work with such a dedicated group and we hope you all have had fun in the process!

“In order to express our deep gratitude, we’re sending you this hand painted coffee bag, made in Nicaragua by some wonderful artists we know. We hope that it reminds you of the amazing work that you’ve made possible over the last few years through your amazing efforts.

“This project started as an experiment between a few friends who wanted to create a connection between Central America and the United States, and it has grown into a vast web of amazing teachers, students, and volunteers. We want to again thank you for being such an important part of that network, and for truly coloring the world.”

Allison Welch brought the Pulsera Project to LA five years ago and traveled to Nicaragua with the organizers in 2016 as part of a teacher education tour. She said, “the Pulersa Project’s recognition of Lincoln Academy’s efforts in raising money for their artisans makes me so proud of our students and our community.  Our students are inspired because they know that the money is going to help improve living conditions and provide educational resources for many families in Nicaragua and Guatemala.  Students are also very aware that a little bit goes a long way in helping to change lives.  The Pulsera Project helps instill a sense of global stewardship within our students and helps bring enthusiasm and interest to the study of world languages.”

Receiving the banner on behalf of Lincoln Academy were student volunteers Alicia Flis, Connor MacFarland, Erika Matheison, Aubree Cookson, Beatriz Matarazzo, Isaac Russell, and Forrest Holbrook.