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Guidance Update for Class of 2020 College Going Students and Families

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Class of 2020 College Going Resources and Information

We hope that you are adjusting to this “new normal” and that you and your family are staying healthy. We are starting to develop new ways to reach out to you, and please reach out to us if you need help.

Mrs. Wills-Viega: wills-viega@lincolnacademy.org

Mr. Cordero: cordero@lincolnacademy.org

Mrs. Abbott: abbotta@lincolnacademy.org

Mrs. Blodgett: blodgett@lincolnacademy.org

College Acceptances

  • Please continue to update Mrs. Abbott with any college acceptances. We still want to celebrate with you, even if it has to be virtually.
  • Your guidance counselor can help provide advice on how to best understand and compare acceptance letters, financial aid packages, getting access to admission portals for application tracking…etc. Also the FAME resources below can help you make those decisions as well.

Financial Aid

These links (below) provide helpful information about how to interpret your Financial Aid packages and how to negotiate with colleges if in some cases you do not see that aid that you were expecting.

This link provides information on how to interpret your financial aid award letters.

This link provides information on what to do if there is a gap between what the college has awarded

and what you can afford to pay.

Resources for Making Decisions about Where to Attend College

Given the COVID – 19 situation, this is a difficult time in which to make a decision about which college to attend, especially if you did not visit all of the colleges to which you have been accepted. We recommend that you visit each college’s website to gain as much information as you can about resources they are offering to support you as you make this decision. If you need more information, call the admissions office directly. If you are looking for student feedback about the college, they may be able to put you in touch with current students. Here are some other resources that might help.

This site provides general information about colleges and ratings and reviews from students.

This site is a general clearinghouse for college resources during COVID – 19

Another resource for virtual college tours

This is a list of colleges that have decided to push back their deposit deadlines to June 1st. Please note that this list will most likely change daily.

Scholarship Information

Log onto Naviance for an up to date list of scholarships available.

  • If you have problems logging into Naviance please reach out to the guidance office, and we can help you reset your access information.
  • For Scholarship Application Information please contact Mrs. Blodgett
  • For Support Materials Needed for Scholarship Applications please contact Mrs. Abbott or Mrs. Wills-Viega

Planning for College During the COVID-19 Crisis:

After receiving many communications from Admissions Offices across the country, Mr. Cordero in the Guidance Office feels that this message from William R. Fitzsimmons of Harvard University (edited below) accurately summarizes the approach of most colleges and universities in the United States. Hopefully this will help ease your mind as you continue to make choices and prepare to apply to colleges. Most importantly, call admissions officers and ask questions before making any decisions.

On Standardized Testing: We know that there are fewer opportunities to take the SAT or ACT given the cancellations to date. This means that many students may not be able to take these tests more than once. The fact is, there are diminishing returns in taking these tests multiple times, and we hope students will not feel compelled to do so now or in the future. Students will not be disadvantaged in any way if they do not submit subject tests. Similarly, students will not be disadvantaged if they are unable to submit AP results. Standardized testing is only one of many factors considered in any admissions process.

Spring Semester Grades: We know that many students will only be able to present pass/fail grades or other similar marks on their transcripts this spring. They will not be disadvantaged as a result. (At Lincoln Academy, you will be able to present third trimester grades on your transcript)

Whole Person Review: Colleges and universities will continue to look at the whole person as they consider applications next year – as always. Accomplishments in and out of the classroom during the high school years – including community involvement, employment, and help given to your family – will all be considered. Students who find themselves limited in the activities they can pursue due to the current coronavirus outbreak will not be disadvantaged as a result.

Financial Aid: As was the case during the economic downturn a decade ago and in similar situations before, many school’s financial aid programs will not be compromised. Admissions offices are ready to help and students can use net price calculators found on every school’s websites to get estimates of the aid their families would receive. Please do not hesitate to call your colleges of interest with any questions you have about financial aid.

Source: A Letter from William R. Fitzimmons, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Harvard University, April 2020

Lists & Guides

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