LA Student Council volunteers who organized the March blood drive include: sophomore Addie Brinkler, senior Ellie Mathews, junior Emma Tolley, and senior Beatriz Matarazzo.

34 donors contributed 27 units of blood to the Lincoln Academy spring blood drive on Thursday, March 5, exceeding the drive’s goal of 22 units. Of the donors, there was an even mix of LA students and staff, and broader community members including 7 first time donors.

According to David Stires, the American Red Cross spokesperson who helped organize the LA blood drive, “since each pint can be separated into three products—red cells, platelets and plasma—the amount we collected at LA can save up to 81 lives.”

The LA student council organizes two blood drives a year, according to Student Council advisor Stephanie Cheney. “We encourage students over 16 and faculty, as well as community members to donate to these drives,” said Cheney. “Donating blood can really make a difference. The next LA drive is scheduled for October.”