LA Statement: Extension of Virtual Learning

In accordance with the direction from Commission Makin and with the support from the Lincoln Academy Board of Trustees, Lincoln Academy will continue virtual learning through Memorial Day weekend.

We will wrap up the first four weeks of virtual learning on Friday April 17th. This will be followed by the 1-week April vacation, and a return to virtual learning for a second 4-week block that will end on Friday, May 29th, before Memorial Day weekend.  Currently we plan to use the final weeks of school between Memorial Day and June 12th for closing activities and learning reflections. We will continue updating the community every week, and if there is reason to change our planning, we will let you know.

We realize that so much of what makes Lincoln Academy a wonderful place to go to school is interactions with peers, faculty and staff. The lack of these interactions that have affected our students, faculty and staff more than any other aspect of this closure.  We recognize this concern and are committed to addressing this critical social-emotional aspect of our learning community. To that extent we will begin the process of imagining a virtual end of our school year for our seniors, departing faculty and the entirety of our student body. It won’t be easy work, but it is work that needs to be done.

We will make updates as information about planning becomes available.