Capturing the Shutdown

by Amelia Rosko ’20

Everything has been changing lately, and downtown Damariscotta has followed suit. The usually busy streets and stores have been deserted. Crosswalks are no longer something one has to give mind to. The generally fought-over parking spots are empty, along with the waterside benches. The few signs of life are at The curbside pickups of Best Thai, Que Rico, Main Street Grocery, and Rising Tide.

Town isn’t the same without its usual buzz, but despite how it might appear to one passing through, there have been positive signs even with the shift in atmosphere. Stores with hearts and kind saying in the windows, and people going out of their way to brighten others’ days; like Emily Barkei, who sits on her roof outside her apartment and plays her fiddle for those walking by. The little things are what makes this whole experience a little less hard.

Amelia Rosko is a senior at Lincoln Academy who plans to major in fine arts/photography at St. Joseph’s College after graduation. This series is part of her senior independent study in photography.