An outline of the 2020 Lincoln Academy graduation plan is at this link. Read on for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Can a graduate have more than one vehicle in the car line?
We need to keep the number of cars as close to or below 18 (not including advisor cars) as possible in order for everyone to be able to see. Therefore if a student has parents who live in two households, they may have two cars in the car line. We cannot have additional cars for grandparents or other guests in the advisor caravan, and students should plan to drive with their immediate family and not drive themselves if possible. If your family falls outside these guidelines for some reason please talk to your advisor.

How will cars be organized at St. Patrick’s Church?
Advisors will help families get into alphabetical order in the St. Patrick’s parking lot, and each student will be given a number. This order is important because cars will enter campus in the same order they march and graduate, and the number allows us to announce names in the correct order.

What time should families arrive at St. Patrick’s Church?
Please arrive at the following times based on your advisor group. We are on a tight schedule so please arrive on time! We are expecting it to take a few minutes to organize cars and drive to LA.
1:40 pm Armstrong/Collins
2:00 Buchwalder
2:20 Cordero/Brewer
2:40 Curtis/Rancourt
3:00 Duffy/Smith
3:20 Fraser
3:40 Keushguerian
4:00 Mess
4:20 Stevenson
4:40 Wynne/Civittolo

What will actually happen during the graduation ceremony?
Graduates will march onto the field in their caps and gowns, have their names read over the loudspeaker, pick up a diploma sleeve, stop for an organized photo shoot in a V shape during which graduates will flip their tassel and hold their caps up high for photos and video. After that students will return to their cars.

Can families get out of the car while students graduate?
We encourage you to lean out windows, use your sunroofs, open your doors, and stay in the zone immediately next to your car while watching graduation. We will have photographers and videographers recording the entire ceremony, and these will be available after the ceremony for free and easy download.

Will students wear masks at graduation?
Everyone should wear masks when exiting cars, both at St. Patrick’s Church and on the LA campus. Students can remove masks once they are lined up 6 feet apart to enter the turf field, and leave them off while they receive their diploma and have photos taken. They should put the mask back on as they exit the field to return to their car.

What if I don’t have a mask?
We will have masks available in the St. Patrick’s parking lot for any student who doesn’t have one.

How long will graduation take?
It will take about 20 minutes to organize cars and get to LA, and another 20 minutes for the graduation ceremony on the turf, so graduates will depart the LA campus about 40 minutes after their scheduled time.

What happens after graduation?
From the turf field each graduate caravan will turn left and drive down Academy Hill. Faculty and Staff will be parked on Academy Hill to greet the graduates as they pass. From Academy Hill the caravans will drive through downtown Damariscotta, where well-wishers may choose to park to wave as graduates pass. After caravans pass through downtown advisors will either ask their groups to meet somewhere to say goodbye, or just wave and depart. Please check with your advisor for details.

What about residential students?
Each residential student who chooses will have a proxy who can drive and walk through the graduation ceremony with a phone or iPad with the student on Facetime so they can participate remotely, as well as a photo of each student for the graduation pictures. The Office of Res Life is organizing these proxies for graduates who live far away. Please contact Mr. Abbott ( for more information.

Do I have to attend graduation to get my diploma?
The graduation ceremony is optional and will not affect a student’s ability to get a Lincoln Academy diploma. We hope everyone will join us, though! We promise it will be fun.

How can I decorate my car?
Mr. Page is hosting car decorating in the LA Student Lot from 1-2 pm every day this week, Tuesday-Friday May 26-29. He would love to see you! Keep in mind that cars will need to stay spread out in the lot, and masks are required when exiting cars.

What else can I do to make this weird graduation fun?
Here are some ideas: share a playlist with your advisor group so you can listen to the same music during the drive. Bring noisemakers for the car. Make flags to stick out your car windows. Decorate your caps the way you usually would. Customize your mask to remember #classof2020. Bring a sharpie and sign the backs of your classmates signs on Academy Hill before graduation. Have your family wear black and white on June 5.

Will diplomas be in the sleeves?
No. Students will need to return to campus to pick up their diploma and other senior materials at a later date. In order to get a diploma students must complete any outstanding academic work, return school books and materials, and pay outstanding bills. We will email families about when and how to pick up diplomas after June 5.

Will there be a video of graduation?
Graduation will be live streamed on the Lincoln Academy Facebook page. An edited video will also be made available after graduation.

How will we access graduation photos?
Photographers will be on site to capture each graduate getting their diploma with their advisor, alone, and with their advisor group. These photos will be available on the Lincoln Academy Flickr site. From there they can be downloaded in full resolution for sharing or printing.

Can we get a photo of our family at graduation?
We are working on a plan to take family photos as cars are lining up at St. Patrick’s. Stay tuned for details.

Will there be speeches as part of graduation?
The traditional LA graduation speeches by the Head of School, Valedictorian, and co-Salutatorians will be in two parts: shortened speeches will be sent out via text on the morning of graduation so families can watch these before the ceremony. Full length, in-person speeches will be given when we celebrate the Class of 2020 in person at a future date.

What about grandparents and other friends and relatives who are not in my immediate family?
Unfortunately we do not have space for extended family and friends to join each advisor caravan. Well-wishers may choose to park on the lower part of Academy Hill Road or in downtown Damariscotta to watch each caravan pass.

Can families park on campus during the ceremony?
No one is permitted to park in any of the campus lots unless they are immediately involved in the ceremony. The student lot will be used as a staging place for the advisor group on deck. All other lots and driveways will be blocked off in order to stay under the governor’s recommended gathering size. If you need an exception (for instance, you have two graduates in your household and you would like to pass through the graduation ceremony twice) please contact your advisor.

What about the construction on Academy Hill?
Hagar Enterprises has agreed to take the day off on June 5. The road will be torn up in some sections, but it will likely end before the train tracks. There will be two-way traffic on Academy Hill, even if the road is unpaved.

When will there be an in-person celebration?
When it is safe to gather in large groups we will schedule an in-person celebration. The tentative dates we are looking at are August 8, November 27, December 26, and June of 2021.

Please! No hugging or physical contact with classmates! Wear a mask whenever you exit your car except when you are actually on the turf field!

Question not answered above? Contact Jenny Mayher at