Dear LA Students & Families,

As we draw to the end of the 3rd Trimester, we also bring to close one of the most unusual trimester’s in Lincoln Academy’s long history. With so many changes in our lives, we thought it might be useful to review how this trimester will end, particularly in regards to grades and closing activities.

Trimester 3: Grading

Students will have until May 29th to submit work for their Trimester 3 courses. Teachers will then begin the process of finalizing student grades.

Pass/No Credit

All student grades will appear as Pass or No Credit on student transcripts. This decision is in line with state and national trends during this pandemic. Transcripts will include a note explaining the unusual nature of this situation. 

Petitioning to Reveal Grades

Students who have been exceptionally successful during this trimester may petition the Guidance Department to have their grades revealed on their final transcript. This can be done for a single class or across all classes. These grades will appear, but will not be averaged into the student’s GPA. Students who are interested in having their T3 grades revealed need to send an email that copies their Guidance Counselor (Sarah Wills Viega:, Jose Cordero:, Eliza Gleason: the Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Kelley Duffy,, the teacher of the course and their parent or guardian. The email should clearly state which class(es) they want to reveal the grade(s) in and a brief statement explaining their choice. Seniors requests to reveal grades should be made between May 26-29th, and underclass requests between June 1st and June 5th.

Credit Determination

In some cases students may have had academic results that are markedly different from their results in the first two trimesters. If those results raise questions about a student’s ability to receive credit in the course, the situation will be reviewed by a small committee. Throughout this trimester, Lincoln Academy’s Student Support Team and Special Education Department have been working closely with students to support them during this complex virtual learning experience. Members of this team will provide input to this committee when determining if a student will receive credit for a course.

Reflecting in Place, 2020

Rather than holding final exams in a virtual format, this year all students will be involved in a culminating activity known as “Reflecting in Place, 2020.” The goal of this project is to provide the LA community with an opportunity to reflect upon the broad range of their experiences (academic, personal and social) during the third trimester.  In addition to self-reflection, the interview portion of the project is designed to provide students both with a sense of closure for the year and with a sense of community within their advisory and the school as a whole. Students will meet with their advisors starting on May 26th to plan this reflection.

The complete details and expectations associated with this project can be found in the document Reflecting in Place, 2020. An explanatory video is also available, and exemplars created by faculty and staff are available online. 

Students will complete this project with the assistance of their advisor. Projects must be complete in order for Trimester 3 grades to be finalized.

School Materials & Lockers

We are aware that some students still have personal items left in their lockers. In addition, students have a wide range of school materials in their homes right now. These include textbooks, athletic uniforms, library books, hot spots and school owned chromebooks. These items need to be returned before June 12th.

Students may come to school to clean out lockers and to return school materials by signing up for a time slot that will allow them access to the main campus. Sign ups will happen through Calendly, the same tool we use to schedule parent-teacher conferences. There are 20 minute slots, and 5 students will be allowed on campus at once. Access will be available from 10am-6pm June 1-4th and June 8-10th. The link to sign up for a slot is here:

School materials should be left on tables in the “Fishbowl.” Tables will be labelled by department. Technology, like hotspots, will be left at the front office. 

Items left in lockers after these access dates will be disposed of by the custodians. Please contact Carole Brinkler  if you are unable to access school during these time slots.

Students are asked to wear a mask while collecting items from their lockers. Hand sanitizer will be available as well as garbage bags.

Important Dates

Friday, May 22: End of virtual learning classes

Friday, May 29 – All Trimester 3 coursework completed

Monday, June 1 – Senior grades submitted, Eagle Awards delivered, window opens to petition to reveal T3 grades

Wednesday, June 3 – Virtual Class Night on the Lincoln Academy YouTube Channel

Thursday, June 4 – Virtual Baccalaureate, Senior “Reflecting in Place, 2020” Interviews complete

Friday, June 5 – Graduation Class of 2020

Friday, June 12th – Last day of school! Underclass “Reflecting in Place, 2020” Projects completed, interviews and artifacts submitted. School materials are returned.

In order for a student to be “done for the year” the following things must happen:

  • Coursework for Trimester 3 is complete
  • Reflecting in place artifact and interview are complete and submitted (seniors only complete the interview)
  • School materials are returned to campus