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Becca Lambert, 2021

Advanced Art, Ms. Sylvia

It’s hard to say anything about myself, I feel like I have nothing to say. I guess all I have to say for myself is that printing fascinates me. There is something unexplainable about the uniformity and uniqueness of every print, on purpose or by accident that draws me to the medium. If you mess up a print, rarely is anyone the wiser. Printing is one of those things that makes it impossible for me to explain it to you without ever handing you a squeegee and saying ‘go wild.’

I don’t consider myself an artist. Calling myself an artist is like calling a baker a scientist. I can understand where you would get the idea, but it’s a label that sits a little too strangely. I wouldn’t even call what I do art. But if the things I create become art, it becomes hard to separate the idea of what I have created to what I consider myself. You can’t pull those two things apart. We often forget that there are people behind works of art. The same way it is so simple to forget there are people behind bus drivers, behind mailmen, and grocery store clerks. If there is one thing I can ask from you let it be think about the people behind the works of art you see. And remember, with every piece they give you, a part of them lies in it too; sometimes you just have to look. 

I hope to set up a printing shop for myself one day; maybe something small like an Etsy shop, or maybe something major like a shop full time. Other than that, I’m not one hundred percent sure what I would want to do after I graduate.

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