(Above and below) Good enough to eat! French delicacies made by Ms. Welch’s French classes during virtual learning.

In addition to taking her French Classes to a digital medium, World Languages teacher Alison Welch gave her students some cooking challenges during Lincoln Academy’s Virtual Learning period. “I thought it would be a nice break from the academics, and a great way to have students talking about French culture with their families,” said Welch. These assignments were offered to French student at all levels, and included four basic french recipes: baguettes, crèpes, quiche lorraine, and mousse au chocolat.

“I selected the recipes for their easily accessible ingredients, thinking that most families would have the items in their cupboards,” said Welch. The assignment offered a chance to earn extra credit. “Students were surprised by how easy it was to make baguettes from scratch. In addition, one student made macaroons and another student’s family celebrated class with an entire French meal!”

Students who participated in the extra credit assignment included Forest Holbrook, Ben Schwink, Dominic Civitollo, Katie Sanborn, Aowyn Burbank, Emma Weitzman, Oliver Hunter, Isaac Thompson, Will Sherrill, Alice Skiff, Caeden Bross, Erika Mathieson, and Isobel Petersen.

After her cooking experiment junior Emma Weizman wrote to Welch, “Bonjour, j’adore le crédit supplémentaire!” (Hello! I love the extra credit assignment!).