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Resident Life Update – May 10, 2020

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This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week and today we celebrate Mother’s Day in Maine.  Wherever you are, this is a wonderful time to reach out to educators, parents, and mentors in your life and tell them they are appreciated! 

Just two weeks of virtual learning remain, then we move into end of year reflective assignments.  If you believe you have fallen behind in your studies, it is not too late to talk to your teachers and makeup work.  Please review Lincoln Academy’s updated schedule for the school year.  These next few weeks will go by quickly and we are here for you!

Lincoln Academy Residential Life is working hard to develop plans for re-opening dorms and welcoming students back to campus for the upcoming school year.  We recognize that there may only be limited periods of allowed travel between countries so this plan will include the option to bring students to campus when/if travel is allowed, possibly as early as July.  There are many steps to implementing a plan like this and we are hopeful that we will be able to share details with all of you very soon.  We are obligated to follow all US and State of Maine laws on this matter and there may be interruptions and challenges along the way.  Please direct questions to Jake Abbott.

Senior I20 Transfers

Congratulations to the seniors who have already chosen their college or university! If you have made a decision to enroll, you can start the visa transfer process with Mrs. Petersen. Please email or message her the following information:
1. An acceptance letter from the college or university.
2. The transfer-in form that your college or university provides. (Sometimes this is an online link in an online enrollment form. When asked for the DSO name, please type in “Hilary Petersen” and use email address ““)
3.  The signed Transfer Out Form attached to this email.
If you have any trouble, especially with the online enrollment process, you can contact Mrs. Petersen or Mr. Cordero anytime by email or message.

Frequently Asked Questions about Visas during COVID 19

You may have questions about maintaining your visa status during this period, and we have answers.  There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that has been published by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency that may answer some of your questions. Even if your visa is set to expire this summer, you may still stay in the United States (if you are already here) past the expiration date, as long as you keep up to date with your schoolwork and otherwise maintain your visa status. There is also a page on our website with information about your I-20 and visa. Please do not hesitate to email or message Mrs. Petersen, Mr. Tan, or Mr. Abbott with questions about your visa or I-20.

Virtual Learning Updates and Schedule

Please review the virtual learning schedule and grading updates at the following link.  Important dates are also listed at the bottom of this message. updated schedule

Virtual Community Meetings on Friday!

Tune in this Friday at noon on the Lincoln Academy News Instagram Story for our Virtual Community Meeting.

Don’t forget to send us a selfie wearing black and white before noon to earn Faculty Shield Points for your class! (send a photo by replying to this email or sending a DM to the Instagram page). Trivia questions will be posted at noon, and classes get FSPs based on who gets the right answer to each question first.

Quarantine Work and Learning Survey

Remote school work can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean students have stopped learning! For many people, staying home has offered time, space, and new challenges that open new ways to learn. In the last month we have heard stories about students who are gardening, raising animals, blogging about baseball cards, recording music, and building the LA campus in Minecraft. Some students are caring for siblings or working essential jobs at grocery stores and construction sites. Whatever you are up to, we want to know about it!

Students AND PARENTS, please take a minute to fill out the this form and tell us about the Work and Learning that is happening in your families. There is a place on the survey form to upload a photo, video, or music file. We will highlight these on the LA website and social media. We are excited to hear your stories–and no story is too big or too small!  Please contact if you have any trouble accessing the form.

Celebrating Seniors!

Graduation plans will be announced this week!

Meanwhile, Follow @lincolnacademyclassof2020 on Instagram and Facebook to see seniors and their future plans. Follow @lincolnacademynews on Instagram and Lincoln Academy Athletics on Facebook to celebrate senior spring athletes.

AP Exam Reminders Mr. Cordero:

  • Students should click their e-ticket to check in 30 minutes before exam start time. Students should allow 80 minutes for each exam—30 minutes to enter their AP ID, name, and other information, and 50 minutes to draft and submit their responses. Make sure your students know their local testing time, since each subject’s exam will be taken simultaneously worldwide.
  • What to do if something goes wrong: If a student accidentally closes the browser, their device crashes, or they temporarily lose internet access, they can quickly click their exam e-ticket again to return to the exam. They should continue the exam, and if they feel at the end of the exam that the temporary disruption negatively impacted their performance, they can request approval to take the makeup exam at Students can also request a makeup exam if they’ve lost too much time due to a technical problem, can’t connect to their exam, or experienced some other serious disruption.
  • Make sure you have everything you need for each exam NOW.  Please see the checklist for your exam HERE

Teachers are encouraging all students to try their best to take the AP exam. But there are many factors affecting students in other countries that make taking the exam VERY difficult. Time zones, lack of internet access, lack of available technology, and/or not having a quiet and usable space. Time in quarantine has also made participating in class work very difficult. All these factors are perfectly reasonable excuses to not take the exam.

The schedule for exams is posted on Fees remain $94/exam. Please see this link for a letter from the Guidance Office about AP Exams.  Contact Mr. Cordero with any questions:

Student Belongings

Many students had to depart campus quickly and there are a lot of questions about personal belongings in storage on campus.  Mr. Abbott and Ms. Anastasio are working to organize and communicate with graduating seniors and others about individual items.  Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work to return items to students across the globe.

Emergency Account Refunds

Graduating and non-returning students may have their emergency account balance refunded at the end of the school year.  We wait until the end of school to account for shipping and storage, textbooks, school supplies, and expenses associated with graduation.  We will process refunds as scheduled at the close of the school year and families will be refunded the balance. 


Contracts for the 2020-2021 school year have been sent by the LA Admission Office.  Please be aware that there is a special no risk offer for all re-enrolling families.  Please contact Lu-Shien Tan or Hilary Petersen with any questions.

Updates for International Students

 Updates dor International Students including virtual learning schedule and insurance information can be found by clicking this link:

Please contact the following staff for Academic Support:

Guidance Updates

Guidance Updates continue to be sent through email, Canvas  and posted to the LA website. The latest information for Class of 2020 college going students can be found at the following link:

Junior Meetings

Guidance counselors are now offering virtual meetings with juniors. Please email Jose Cordero to schedule a meeting to talk about life after high school.

More information on resources that can be helpful as you begin to plan for life after high school can be found on the Canvas Class of 2021 page. 

Link to find information about how colleges are reaching out to high school students.



If you have not yet completed your “LA 2020 Senior Survey”, please take 5 minutes to do so.  If you are going on to college, the LA scholarship committee uses this information to determine which students are eligible for the various scholarships. In Naviance, go to “About Me” Heading at the top, “My Surveys” “Surveys Not Started” and the survey “LA 2020 Senior Survey” (not “Graduation Survey”).

Important Links

Important Dates

April 27-Memorial Day Weekend: Virtual Learning
June 1-June 4: Virtual senior week events
June 1-June 12: Time for reflection with teachers and advisors
Friday, June 5: Remote graduation celebration. Details to be announced

Updates about the current school closure are posted on the
Covid-19 Response page of the LA website.

LA News Headlines


Lincoln Academy has suspended in-person classes and activities until the end of May.  See our COVID-19 updates page for details.

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