Head of School Jeff Burroughs at Lincoln Academy’s 2020 graduation ceremony.

“Not everything that can be faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed that is not faced.”

–James Baldwin

This quote by James Baldwin is relevant in so many ways as we close the year at Lincoln Academy. Our community has been stretched and damaged by a global pandemic, and a national dialogue about racial justice has been set in motion just as our school year comes to an end. We enter summer vacation without the chance to come together to rebuild.

Baldwin’s words remind us that the battle to end discrimination must still be won. We must summon the courage to face the history of racism in our country, and the humility and compassion to seek solutions. Through our words and actions we must demonstrate that we reject racism and discrimination in all forms, and that black lives matter. As a school we recognize that local and national change is necessary so that all people can fully realize their potential.

To face these difficult truths, we must find time and space to listen to those most affected and disadvantaged by our society. We have much to learn about past and present racial discrimination, and now is the time to learn alongside our students so that we can be part of the solution that this country desperately needs. To our students and families of color: we value and support you in this time of uncertainty and fear. We need your voices to be part of the conversation to lead our community forward.

We are committed to ensuring that the Lincoln Academy curriculum addresses how racism, discrimination, and civic engagement have played an essential role in our nation’s history and present-day struggle. We value diversity of culture, race, identity, ethnicity, and socioeconomic opportunity, we are committed to providing and nurturing a safe, respectful and inclusive learning environment for all students, and we have work to do to fully realize the ideals espoused in our mission.

I know that I can count on this community to rise to the difficult and essential work ahead, and I look forward to empowering new voices, incorporating new ideas, and including all viewpoints to better support, serve and educate students.

I ask that each of us use our time this summer to read, reflect, and enter conversations about these important issues so that we will return determined to rise to this difficult work.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Jeffrey S. Burroughs

Head of School