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Residential Life Update – July 26, 2020

2020-07-26T22:29:49-04:00July 26, 2020|

Dear Members of the Lincoln Academy Community,

I write to you today to share some heartwarming and exciting news: our residential boarding students have begun to return to the LA campus!

When we made the difficult decision in March to send all LA boarding students home, we were uncertain about what lay ahead, and had to act quickly to protect the health and safety of our students and community using the best information we had about the COVID-19 crisis.

Even given the uncertainties of the pandemic, our boarding students want to return to the school and community they love. LA residential students and their parents are passionate about the excellent education and Maine location that Lincoln Academy offers. Like everything about opening school in 2020, this involves innovative thinking and increased effort, but bringing our community together this fall is worth it!

How will it work? In short, here is the process we are using to bring students back to campus:

  • Students are arriving on staggered dates beginning in mid-July (no more than 5 at a time). They immediately take a Covid test and quarantine for 14 days in a single room in an isolated wing of Kiah Bayley Hall dorm. A second Covid test will be administered prior to leaving quarantine.

  • During quarantine students will have meals delivered to their rooms, adhere to strict sanitizing expectations, and have their temperature monitored daily.

  • After 14 days, students can re-enter the LA community, but they are expected to follow strict guidelines for maintaining a healthy environment, which will adapt according to the public health situation and as decisions are made about returning to school.

  • Dorm families and returning residential students have agreed to live as a community with shared standards for safety and contact with others.

  • If anyone in the dorm gets sick, we have an isolation wing set up and ready for them to return to quarantine while being safely cared for by our health center and dorm staff.

Reopening the dorm in the fall of 2020 is a big commitment for students, dorm families, and LA as a whole, and we plan to do so cautiously and safely. Our dorm parents are a key factor in making this work: they care deeply about students, and are dedicated to keeping our community safe.

While the details for the school year ahead are still being developed, we have a plan in place to ensure that residential boarding students will have an active lifestyle, an engaging learning experience, and opportunities to be members of the community, whether learning is in-person, online, or a combination of the two.

I look forward to the start of school and welcoming all of our students back to learning in this diverse and welcoming learning community.

As always, with any questions or thoughts to share, please feel free to contact me by email at

Jake Abbott

Jake Abbott
Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life
Lincoln Academy

Student Visa Update

On July 14, 2020, The Trump administration agreed to rescind (reverse and take away) rules it issued on July 7th which would have prevented international students from being in the U.S. if they were taking classes only online. Lincoln Academy has updated its program details with the government, and WILL NOT need to issue updated I20’s to your students through their personal email addresses. Because Lincoln Academy has decided upon a hybrid model, your student’s SEVIS record will remain active and in compliance if we must conduct online classes for a time, whether they are living in the U.S. or outside of the U.S. As long as your student is making normal progress in all of their courses, they will continue to maintain active status. As soon as travel is possible from your country, it is expected that your student make every effort to secure transportation to Lincoln Academy.  Please contact Ms. Petersen with any questions.

Lincoln Academy Parent Association Meeting

Join us for another virtual LAPA meeting on Wednesday July 29th at 6pm Eastern Standard Time. We will hear from the Head of School, Jeff Burroughs, and other LA faculty members regarding the return to school this fall. Tune in and bring any questions you have!
Meeting ID: 824 9573 4061
Passcode: LAPA

Parent and Student Surveys

Faculty and staff have been hard at work this summer to prepare for the coming school year and we value your input.  Please follow the survey links below and tune in for the next LA Parent Associate meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, July 29 for a discussion of plans for the start of the year. (Zoom link and details for LAPA meeting above)
1. LA Parents: Please fill out the following survey about school in Fall 2020
2. LA Students: Please fill out the following survey about school in Fall 2020

Summer in Maine

Maine: The way life should be!  It is a beautiful time of year to be in Maine and our location in the Midcoast offers students many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with their dorm families including beach trips, hikes, boat rides, fishing, delicious lobster, and fresh Maine blueberries.

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Lincoln Academy will begin fall orientation on August 31 and regular classes on September 14.

To see the complete schedule and the 2020 reopening plan, click here.

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