Lincoln Academy’s “Learning Tents” will help expand the spaces that are safe to gather during in-person school days this fall.

Lincoln Academy has erected two large tents on campus to extend the learning spaces for students this fall. One tent is on the track field, one on the softball field.

The school’s historic campus has limits on how many students can fit in the classrooms and hallways, and the Learning Tents offer additional spaces for orientation and instruction. Faculty members who want to use the tents for class can reserve them ahead of time. Administrators hope the tents will be useful until it gets too cold or snowy to use them.

“The softball field tent will be particularly useful for performing arts programs, and will allow more programming in choir, instrumental music, and theater, both during in-person days and after school,” said Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life Jake Abbott. “The Hall House tent will provide overflow for all classes, advisor groups, and club meetings.”

Two smaller tents near the gym and on the courtyard will help foot traffic flow in the mornings when students must check in to make sure their health check has been completed and enter the buildings in a staggered fashion to avoid crowding the hallways. The school is also hoping to use the tents for some Homecoming events later in September.