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Residential Life Update – August 30, 2020

2020-08-30T21:36:34-04:00August 30, 2020|

This is our 6th week of gradually welcoming Residential Life students back to campus since the dorms closed last spring.  Students and dorm families kicked off the weekend with our new summer tradition of Firepit Fridays.  This has become a weekly opportunity to gather outside, play games, share stories, and reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for in our community.   We now have 13 students from 8 countries settling into their home away from home here on campus and, after health screenings and quarantines, we hope to have several more join us during the fall trimester.  

Highlights from the past week include mini golf, takeout ice cream, a trip to the beach, and making bubble tea.  Orientation for students begins on Monday.  Please see links below for details on this year’s return to school including a letter from Head of School Jeffrey Burroughs and video updates from some of our programs.   

We are so excited to have students back in classrooms in-person and virtually in the coming week!

Best regards,

Jake Abbott

Jake Abbott

Jake Abbott
Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life
Lincoln Academy

How to go to School in a Pandemic

Check out this video with tips on starting school next week. Made right here at LA with help from students, staff, and Eddie the Eagle!

From the Head of School

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can Arthur Ashe

Greetings from Academy Hill! We have just finished our faculty meetings and are all buoyed having seen each other for the first time as a whole faculty since the middle of March. Even masked faces couldn’t hide the nervous excitement that we shared this week. We had a chance to get comfortable with our health and safety procedures and protocols, learn more about our schedules and technology tools and even got to practice moving through the hallways testing out our flow patterns in the hallways.

 The quote above helps me frame the upcoming start of school. We are here in a wonderful part of a beautiful state and have done the planning work to the best of our ability to welcome back our students. We are here, restarting a school community after a 6-month absence, and we will have to use our collective community spirit to help keep us and those around us safe. We are here, excited, a bit anxious, and all looking forward to seeing one another again.We all have to do what we can to make sure we can stay open and safe as long as possible. We will wear masks–it is what we can do to help keep the community safe. A mask is our ticket to participation in school, and it is a small price to ask to protect the health and safety of our friends and community members.

 I look forward to welcoming the students back, class by class, next week and know that our willingness to think of others and support those in need will be our greatest strength.

Thanks for your patience and support. We will get through this together.

Jeffrey S. Burroughs
Head of School

Orientation Starts Monday

LA students will begin orientation this week starting with freshmen on Monday, August 31, then sophomores on Tuesday, juniors on Thursday, and seniors on Friday, with a day for virtual orientation for new parents on Wednesday. Students are not expected to check in on days that they do not have orientation. The complete orientation schedule can be found at this link.

Parent Virtual Orientation Meeting Links

Head of School Jeff Burroughs will offer multiple chances for parent discussions next week, including grade-level conversations after each grade’s first orientation day. Please use the times and links below to connect.
Please note that these links are also available on the LA website calendar, where you can also find the call-in information.Monday, August 31, 6 pm: 9th grade parent check in. Connect with Google Meet.
Tuesday, September 1, 6 pm: 10th Grade parent check in. Connect with Google Meet.
Wednesday, September 2:

  • Official Virtual Parent Orientation at Noon and 6 pm: 9th grade and new parent orientation, including tech help, advisor introductions, and more. (The same information will be repeated at both meetings)
  • 4 pm: For families who have chosen remote learning: Meeting with Jeff Burroughs on Wednesday for a discussion about the remote learning experience. Connect with Google Meet.

Thursday, September 3, 6 pm: 11th Grade parent check in. Connect with Google Meet.
Friday, September 4, 6 pm: 12th Grade parent check in. Connect with Google Meet.

Sports Practice Calendar

Lincoln Academy fall sports practices began Monday! Click here for a practice schedule for the next 3 weeks. Remember:

  • Practices are voluntary until 9/4, but become mandatory on 9/8
  • There are no practices on Wednesdays due to it being a ‘virtual school day, however games may be scheduled on Wednesdays.
  • Practices will maintain standard times in a non rotation schedule until games begin.
  • It is important that athletes leave immediately after their practice concludes. Also, athletes in the 5pm practice should plan to leave campus between school and practice.

Lincoln Academy Performing Arts

The Performing Arts faculty has been hard at work making accommodations to allow students to practice singing, playing instruments, and practicing theater arts in these difficult times. Please watch this video created by Mr. Braley, Ms. Matta, and Ms. Anderson with more information about what Performing Arts classes will look like this fall.


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Lincoln Academy will begin fall orientation on August 31 and regular classes on September 14.

To see the complete schedule and the 2020 reopening plan, click here.

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