Nurse Eric Duffy is the Director of the Lincoln Academy Health Center

Dear LA Families,

Thank you for your support and collaboration as we start this most unique of school years! LA has implemented a number of health and safety protocols as part of our effort to remain open, and focused our mission to educate the young people in our community. We will talk about each of these in the coming weeks in different formats, but will start here with the daily health pre-screening survey. This is an important first phase of our layered defensive approach, and asks everyone who is planning to be on campus to actively confirm they are well enough to be here.

Over the summer we were inundated with offers for all kinds of apps that claimed to solve our problems related to screening students for covid-like symptoms. But the costs (on average >$10k) of these kinds of programs could not be justified based on the size of our school, or the risk levels in our community. Neither do we want to go so far as to not have screening at all. So we’ve set about trying to utilize the tools we already to maintain a high standard of pre-screening by families, and let parents report this as easily as possible. We collate that information during first period and check in with students who did not get it done.

Here are a few key points about the system we have in place:

  • Surveys will come via text at 5 pm each evening before students are scheduled to be on campus and will be available until 9am on the morning of arrival. Please only fill out the survey for the days your student will be on campus.
  • The survey should be sent to and filled out by the primary guardian of each student. It is only in certain, pre-approved situations that students are allowed to fill these out for themselves.
  • If you’d like to update the contact information we are using to reach you, please call the front office and they will make the changes.
  • If you have more than one student coming to campus on a given day, please fill out one for each.

Again, thank you so much for your patience, collaboration, and support during these challenging times. As always, please feel free to reach out to the Health Center with questions or insights.

Stay well,
Nurse Duffy