These cards will be given to LA families who shop at local businesses between September 26 and October 3. Students can bring them to school and earn Faculty Shield Points for homecoming.

For this year’s Homecoming, Lincoln Academy is inviting students and their families to demonstrate their LA Pride and show their support for the local business community.

From September 26 – October 3, students and families can earn points for their class when they make a purchase at a participating local business and ask for a Homecoming Pride card with their receipt. Even extended family members can ask for the cards and give them to LA students. Students can redeem these cards at school and earn Faculty Shield Points for their class. 

“As we began to think about one of our most popular and festive celebrations, we recognized that Homecoming  needed to be very different this year,” says Laurie Hurd, Director of Development at Lincoln Academy. “We see this as an opportunity to reimagine some traditions and create something new while giving back to our community in the process.”

Anyone interested in participating can look for the “LA Homecoming” signs in participating storefronts or find a complete list of businesses at this link.

Lincoln Academy would like to thank Mail It 4 U for generously donating the LA Homecoming signs.