In the fall of 2021 Lincoln Academy will introduce a new schedule.

For several years, Lincoln Academy has been engaged in a process of reviewing our curriculum and assessing whether our schedule is adequately meeting the educational needs of our students and our curriculum.

In the fall of last school year, the Scheduling Committee surveyed faculty and students about the strengths and weaknesses of our 7 period rotating schedule. Based on this feedback as well as a wide range of discussions, observations and research, the committee concluded that a new schedule needed to be developed. The new schedule would be built to remedy the following issues in the 7 period rotating schedule identified by students and faculty:

  • Rotating schedule lacks predictability
  • Not enough access to teachers during the school day
  • Hard to schedule the credits and specific courses required for graduation
  • Not enough flexibility in scheduling and accessing courses
  • Wasted time and missed classes for vocational students

In response to these challenges, the Scheduling Committee has developed an 8-period, alternating day schedule that we believe will better meet the needs of students and allow Lincoln Academy teachers to more successfully implement our curriculum and mission to challenge all students to grow in skills and scholarship, serve others, and lead fulfilling lives. This schedule will launch in the Fall of 2021.

Here is an overview of the new schedule:

8 Periods

The schedule will have 4 70-minute academic periods every day, with an A day/B day format allowing for 8 total periods. This allows students to access 28 credits over the course of 4 years while still having a study hall in their schedule. This should help students access elective courses and develop a passion in a particular subject. Additional sections will also reduce class sizes and decrease the number of classes that are only offered one period which are hard for students to fit in their schedule.

Every Other Day Block Schedule:

TIMES (Start and End TBD)

A Day

B Day

70 minutes Period A1 Period B1
20 minutes Advisor Advisor
70 minutes Period A2 Period B2

Lunch Period / 70 Min Class Block

35 minutes

35 minutes

35 minutes

Period A3 + Lunch *

Lunch #1

Lunch #2

Lunch #3

Period B3 + lunch *

Lunch #1

Lunch #2

Lunch #3

40 minutes Focused Learning Block** Focused Learning Block**
70 minutes Period A4 Period B4

* There are three lunches integrated into the 3rd academic period of the day. Our lunch room can not accommodate the full student body, but 3 lunches will provide ample space in the dining commons, reduce the length of the lunch line and give everyone equal access to lunch.

** On Fridays the Focused Learning Block is replaced with Community Meeting. On Wednesdays the Focused Learning Block is removed and there will be an Early Release for department meetings and a monthly Faculty Meeting.

The Early Release Day schedule can be found below:

Every Wednesday*** Early Release Day A / B
70 minutes Period 1
20 minutes Advisor
70 minutes Period 2

Lunch Period / 70 Min Class Block

Period 3 with 3 Lunches
70 minutes Period 4

*** The actual weekday of the early release day is subject to change in the final schedule, depending upon the athletic schedule and other possible constraints, but it will be consistent each week. In other words, it may happen on Tuesday as opposed to Wednesday (as in the example schedule above) but it will be the same weekday all year to facilitate family planning.


The 8 period 4×4 schedule is a predictable schedule with consistent times and daily sequence. This will help students plan their work and allow greater connections between LA courses and our surrounding community. A predictable schedule facilitates guest speakers, community partnerships, and field trips.

Focused Learning Block

Each day there is an extended learning block in the afternoon. On Fridays this block will be used for Community Meeting. On Wednesdays, this block will not occur, allowing for an early release for faculty meetings and curriculum work. The other three days allow for a wide range of extended learning opportunities.

Focused Learning Opportunities include: Debate, MUN, Math Team, Math Lab or English Lab for extra academic support, Art & Music rehearsals or ATEC lab projects, independent studies. Additionally, students can schedule time with teachers for academic support.


Advisor groups will meet daily for 20 minutes, allowing continued stability and connection over the four years.


Our lunch room can not accommodate the full student body. In our previous schedule, lunch sprawled across campus. While many people enjoyed this flexibility, lunch was also the source of a wide range of discipline issues and the spread of trash. In this schedule, there are three lunches integrated into the 3rd academic period of the day.

3 lunches will provide ample space in the dining commons, reduce the length of the lunch line, and give all students equal access to lunch. Lunch timing is coordinated with the bus to Bath Regional Career and Technical Center, allowing vocational students to access lunch without missing class and avoiding wait times between the bus trip and the start of class.

There will be a series of grade level GoogleMeets to review the details of the schedule and answer student questions in February of 2021. The LAPA meeting on February 25th (6 pm via Google Meet. Link to join) will provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions about the new schedule.