LA Seniors during the Winter Carnival Scavenger Hunt

It’s hard to believe it is the end of February already! The best news that this realization delivers is that we are truly on our way to spring. Around campus students are working with their advisors to schedule classes for next year, having good conversations, and looking forward with optimism to what fall will bring.

This week we have a LAPA meeting on Thursday to discuss the new schedule that we will roll out in the fall of 2021. I am looking forward to the conversation and answering questions about how this will help students build more flexible pathways toward their educational goals.

We are also really appreciative of the positive support from local businesses and nonprofits for our Student Job Board.  Connecting our students to local employers is a wonderful win-win situation. New listings are coming in all the time!

I got to end my week before vacation watching some very spirited competition on a kickball diamond created for the 2021 Winter Carnival by plowing the snow from the track field. The enthusiasm, the smiles and the good-natured competition was such a welcome sight and certainly lifted my spirits heading into break. I am looking forward to spring and the promise of athletic competitions on our fields, and courts and I can’t wait to see what our performing artists and actors have in store for us when the weather warms up.

Thanks for all that you are doing and have done to make this a welcoming community for all of us.

Be well and stay safe.

Jeffrey S. Burroughs