“Snow Bank in Shorts, 2021.” This week’s Winter Carnival helped revive the spirit of fun during a challenging year.

February break is upon us, and it looks like we will certainly have winter weather to enjoy. Whether you choose to get outdoors or cozy up with a book near the wood stove, I hope you find time to rest and recharge, as we will return to just a few weeks left in the second trimester.

I know I am not alone as a parent in not having all the answers navigating this pandemic. For me, there have been times my kids have helped me and other times they’ve asked me for help. This shared partnership is one thing I will truly cherish from my experience in this difficult year.

Another example of partnership here at LA is unfolding on campus this week. It has been great to see the activity and energy students bring to Winter Carnival. As with everything so far in this pandemic year, the reimagining of this tradition shows the depth of creativity and passion to keep community traditions alive. I am proud of all who have participated in and planned these events.

As our thoughts turn to spring and eventually, fall, I remain hopeful that the vaccine rollout will continue to gather steam and bring peace of mind after more than 320 days in this COVID-19 environment. There is so much to look forward to, and even as we finish the winter as safely as possible, we are cautiously optimistic about a return to full-time in-person school in the fall.

For now, we are grateful to everyone at LA for continuing to wear masks, wash hands, and social distance as well as minimize risks of exposure over break. We have done an incredible job so far as a community and that is deeply appreciated.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or someone you know.

Be well and stay safe,

Jeffrey S. Burroughs