Mother Nature is certainly smiling upon us as we move quickly into springtime. While students are still adjusting to the time change and the 8 am start time, there is a lot to be thankful for as we start our second week of the final trimester.

We took a few minutes on Monday and Tuesday this week to show our support and solidarity with community members of Asian descent in light of the horrific shootings in Atlanta. Students and staff gathered in the courtyard for a moment of silence remembering the victims, and affirming our solidarity against violence of all kinds. As we reflect on our most important work in schools, we realize that building an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment for every member of our community is an essential part of our educational mission.

Moments like these remind us of the need to replace the rhetoric of hate and violence with actions of hope, gratitude, acceptance, and respect. If each of us can take a step to welcome someone to our community, to share a moment, to include someone new in conversation, we too can become a positive force for change.

The spring is full of opportunities to be more inclusive and welcoming. As we set our sights on finishing this pandemic year, I know I can count on each of us to find moments to lift each other up and celebrate our motto that here at Lincoln Academy “the end crowns the work” as it has for more than 200 years.

Be well and stay safe.

Jeffrey S. Burroughs