Kayla Cruz ’24 and Aowyn Burbank ‘2 delivering flowers as part of a community fundraiser for Gage York ’20.

The first week of March is off to a blustery start for certain. I hope that the wind didn’t cut too many powerlines and it looks like this might be one last blast of winter as it certainly seems spring has got a hold of weather now.

This week we kicked of the Alumni Community Challenge and as of writing this afternoon this have been a great start. I am so deeply appreciative of all of the support that the ACC generates from our Alumni, parents and local business owners. It truly makes a difference here at Lincoln Academy and helps us keep our community connected and moving forward. Your collective vote of confidence means a great deal to all of us here at LA!

Thanks to all of you that have participated and to those that might consider joining us, the challenge runs through Friday and offers a challenge for parent donors.

Jeffrey S. Burroughs