Scenes from the split ceremonies for the NHS induction on March 4 and 5, 2021.

In a split ceremony on March 4 and March 5, Lincoln Academy inducted 22 juniors and one senior into the National Honor Society. The ceremonies were held in person in the LA gym, but due to safety concerns they were divided over two days and only participants were invited. The ceremonies streamed live on the Lincoln Academy Facebook page for families and friends to watch.

NHS officers Vanessa Albert, Caitlin Cass, Friday Hennig, and Emma Tolley presided over the ceremonies. LA Math teacher Amanda Armstrong is the group’s faculty advisor. English teacher and department chair Bryan Manahan was chosen by inductees as this year’s keynote speaker. Head of School Jeffrey S. Burroughs welcomed the new inductees. As part of the ceremony, each student lit a candle and was presented with a pin and a rose by a teacher or mentor of their choosing.

Admission to the Lincoln Academy chapter of the National Honor Society is based on students’ demonstrating the principles of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Students can apply for admission as either juniors or seniors, and must demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to community service, as well as submit teacher recommendations. The LA chapter of the National Honor Society serves the school and wider community through volunteer and fundraising projects.

Lincoln Academy’s 2021 National Honor Society inductees, top row from left: Ali Bennett, Addie Brinkler, Cedar Cannon, Arden Carleton, Haley Clifford, Fasai (Sonny) Cumming, Filip Diakonowicz, Emma Elwell. Middle row: Levi James Farrin, Clara Goltz, Forest Holbrook, Skyler Nils Houghton, Payson Kaler, Marina McManus, Patrick Miner, Alexa Peck. Bottom row: Angel Rodriguez, Maddy Russ, Kathryn Sanborn, Jake H Shaw, William Sherrill, Alice Skiff, and Olivia Stiles

Second-year members of the LA National Honor Society are seniors Vanessa Albert, William Banks, Ella Beauregard, Caitlin Cass, Brennan Cruz, Misha Curtis, Jewel Marina Farrin, Frida Hennig, Josey Henry, Becca Lambert, Qinyu (Fiona) Liang, Brian McLaughlin, Scott Petersen, Meghan Rose, Abbie Sewall, Riley Stevenson, and Emma Tolley.

More photos on the LA Flickr page from Day 1 and Day 2 NHS Inductions.