This aerial photo of the Lincoln Academy Class of 2021 was edited to include both group 1 students, who attend school in person on Mondays and Thursdays, and group 2 students, who attend school in person on Tuesdays and Fridays, in the same photo. Because of this separation into two groups, the Class of 2021 is particularly excited to graduate together as an entire class in person at the Augusta Civic Center on June 4.

Lincoln Academy’s Class of 2021 will graduate at the Augusta Civic Center on June 4 in an in-person, indoor, socially-distanced ceremony.

“When we surveyed seniors and their families, people overwhelmingly told us they wanted to graduate together, as a class, and that they were willing to travel to Augusta to make that happen,” said 2021 Graduation Committee Co-Chair Hilary Petersen, who is the Associate Director of Admissions at LA as well as a senior parent. “Being at the Civic Center will allow us to continue LA graduation traditions like graduate speeches, student performances, and the awarding of diplomas. The only thing to change will be the location.”

The Augusta Civic Center can seat 900 people safely, meaning that graduates can invite up to five guests each. LA will hire an audio-visual company who works regularly at the Civic Center to provide sound and projection during the ceremony as well as live-streaming for those not able to attend.

“We have learned through this year in a pandemic what is required to keep people safe,” said Head of School Jeffrey Burroughs. “We feel comfortable working with an in-person plan in a space as large and accommodating as the Civic Center.”

“Organizing graduation has raised interesting new challenges this year, but the senior class is doing our best to overcome them with creative solutions,” said class president Scott Petersen. “I’ve been really inspired by the hard work and dedication of my classmates during this difficult period, so I hope that we can honor them for the final time on June fourth. Because the senior class has been split up all year, it was of particular importance to graduate together, and I can’t wait to see them all one final time before we go our separate ways.”

“While we will miss being on the LA campus, which is always beautiful in early June, this option allows us to gather all of the graduates and their families in one place safely,” said Graduation Committee co-chair Jake Abbott, who also serves as Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life. “While in the future we plan to return to campus for Commencement, this is a great option for this unusual year.”

Commencement will take place at 4 pm on Friday, June 4. Each graduate will have tickets to distribute to their family and friends, and LA faculty will be invited to attend, as requested by the students.

Other senior week events, including a senior cookout, Class Night, and Baccalaureate, will happen in-person on the LA campus, but only for members of the class and select faculty and staff. Spectators will not be able to attend due to space constraints. Weather permitting, these events will take place on the Stanley Waltz Track Field using the Pavilion, LA’s new outdoor performance space. Class Night, where awards and scholarships are presented, and Baccalaureate, where speakers invited by the seniors will deliver talks to the graduates, will both be live-streamed.

Senior Camden LeBel is looking forward to graduating with her class in person, and all together. “While things may have looked different this year, it will be a blessing to see our friends one final time to celebrate our high school journeys.”