LA sophomores wearing purple for Class Color Day, a spirit week theme.

Spirit Week is in full swing as we build toward our Homecoming weekend. Searching for Spirit flags, dress up days, the correct way to ask for a 2021 homecoming favor, and classroom door decorations are just some of the aspects that make this week unique and fun.

These represent a small portion of the traditions that have been such an important part of Lincoln Academy for generations, and I look forward to experiencing more as we move through this year.

Traditions also extend to our community in terms of the kinds of work that our students and their families do here in the mid coast of Maine. This week I read with interest a piece on the Lobstering industry that featured senior Nick Prior and his grandfather Verge Prior ‘64. I got to know Nick last year in Algebra 2 class, and learned about his passion for this storied, difficult, and rewarding profession. Reading the article helped me see how important this pastime has been in his family and extended family and the fabric of Midcoast Maine. Nick represents just one of many families involved in the fishing industry in our Lincoln Academy community. It was great to see this example of family and tradition shared with a broader audience, and I am proud to know that our students are committed to helping keep traditions alive in their own lives beyond LA.

I hope to see many of you this weekend as we celebrate LA Homecoming. As always, please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you or your student.

Thanks for all you do for Lincoln Academy.

Be well and stay safe,

Jeffrey S. Burroughs
Head of School