Above: sophomore Connor Parson runs through the traditional LA Cross Country team Wall of Sound; juniors Marley LeBel and Zach Poland play soccer in the pouring rain during Saturday’s soccer games.

Getting back to LA Homecoming and all the traditions that come with it was certainly refreshing. Of course, it wasn’t perfect: we were sad to cancel Friday’s parade due to the storm, and the torrential rain during the soccer games was not the ideal picture of a Homecoming weekend. But the LA spirit was alive and well during this celebration of our school community. As we continue to build back our traditions, we were happy to be together to celebrate LA’s grit and resilience.

Homecoming 2021 weekend started on Thursday with the return of the fabled Cross Country “wall of sound.”  It was my pleasure to be witness to this act of support that has become a calling card of our talented and passionate XC runners. Field Hockey and soccer teams joined parents, fans, and XC teammates in building the wall, which lined the side of the course as runners near the finish line. That spirit continued to flow throughout the day and night on Saturday. While not every team won, the school found many reasons to cheer, rain and all.

When the final whistle blew on that wet Saturday evening, I felt grateful for the opportunity to be part of this tradition of celebration. Thanks to all of you who helped this weekend come together, including the Alumni Council, Boosters, parents, teachers, coaches, athletes, and students. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

Jeffrey S. Burroughs
Head of School