LA Ambassadors meeting on the upper field

My daughter turned 21 on Saturday. She is a college student navigating her way through this pandemic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As we found time to celebrate with her it was more apparent than usual that I probably won’t stop worrying about her anytime soon, even as she achieves this cultural milestone of becoming an adult.

I know worry and concern are also in the thoughts of many of you as we grasp the realities of the impact that COVID-19 will continue to have on our school environment. The increase in cases both at LA and our sending schools serve to underscore the fact that we will continue to battle this virus and that we will need all of your help to build and maintain as safe a learning environment as we can for our community.  

We have reviewed our plans and made adjustments and improvements as detailed in our letter on Friday and will continue to monitor the current trends in Lincoln County seeking the best advice possible to ensure our role in protecting the public health of our community.  Lincoln Academy has benefitted from the supportive nature and giving spirit of the community here in the mid coast for generations and I deeply appreciate it. 

We are excited to have the students back and the campus is full of activity, and we are all looking forward to our spirit week as we build up to Homecoming. Homecoming events will take place next weekend, with modifications made to ensure that we can celebrate LA traditions as safely as possible. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns or if we can help your student.

Be well and stay safe,