Sunrise on the LA campus

I’ve had quite a few chances to see some spectacular sunrises in the last week or so. Yesterday morning I caught this image while walking my dogs behind the school.

The season’s colors serve as a reminder to the power and purpose of the changing seasons in Maine. Yesterday was a difficult day that caused understandable anxiety and concern in our community. We entered the school year knowing that building back our neighborhood of faculty, staff, students and parents would be a challenge. This is the work-being in school, with students, teaching and learning-that we most want to be doing, and moments like yesterday bring clarity to why we choose to be educators.

We are deeply grateful for our long partnership with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s team of professionals, and in situations like yesterday we are reminded of the tremendously important role they play.

As you can see in their statement, the Sheriff’s department’s professional response led to the conclusion that there was no evidence of a credible threat to our campus, students, faculty, and staff. As we conclude this portion of our investigation, we will convene our Crisis Response Team to inform and improve our policies. We will work with faculty, staff, and students to better prepare them to deal with specific situations relating to preparedness and response to threats to our campus community.

This has been a rocky fall, and as we head into this long weekend for Indigenous Peoples Day, I am thankful for our collective efforts in returning to school-whatever the challenges-and know that I can rely on our commitment to supporting each other in the days and weeks to come.

Enjoy the long weekend and please be in touch if there is anything we can do for you or your student.

Jeffrey S. Burroughs
Head of School